12. The Final Clue

The Robert Plant Conundrum - For a complete victory, my heart guides the racquet

These are the 12 pieces to my puzzle... can you fit them together? The correct answer will state the common thread that runs between all the clues.

N.B.: This is a tricky and elaborate riddle, much more difficult than it may appear on the surface. The one who knows the answer will have a deep interest in and subtle knowledge of history and the arts bordering on the esoteric.

No clue is a red herring. Each clue is intrinsic to solving the conundrum, but there are twists and double meanings, and sometimes, as in a lengthy song lyric or poem, only a line or two may be the clue and you must discern what is grain and what is chaff.

Sometimes, I have chosen clues and titles specifically because I felt they would track well with search engines, and as such, no emphasis should necessarily be placed on the titles and keywords; the answers are all to be found in the bodies of the Clues.

All Information in the sidebar: ads, pictures, poems, -are NOT clues, and reflect this blogger's personal interests only. They were added in part to fill up the sidebar, and especially in the case of the poems, meant to convey ...something of what I have felt... to someone very dear to The Conundrum Constructor. To that person: You are my inspiration in creating the The Robert Plant Conundrum, and it is dedicated to you. I hope it will find favor in your eyes. You are the one I know can solve this conundrum, and I look forward to explaining everything to you in detail.

OK. If you know the answer, please e-mail:

Robert Plant Conundrum - If you know the answer, then I need to hear from you

...because I'd really, really love to hear from you!

The winner... will get their answer published here, along with your name (any username you choose), a spiffy graphic (I am good at digital graphics and will make something very nice for you), -and the satisfaction of knowing that at least in the Conundrum Constructor's not-so-humble opinion, you are a super-duper smart person, and worthy of much respect. Indeed, if you can solve this riddle, I shall have to consider you a kindred spirit! -I have been working on a new Conundrum, and the winner of The Robert Plant Conundrum will get first crack at solving it.

Best regards from The Conundrum Constructor

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